Security & Electronic Systems

A1 Sprinkler & Systems Integration is the region's premier full service security integrator. We offer a comprehensive, consultative, and innovative approach for our clients. Most importantly, A1 provides unparalleled service to ensure your system is protected and continues to operate as originally designed.

Mass Notification

When an emergency situation arises, information is needed immediately. Emergency communication systems provide necessary alerts to first responders and your staff, allowing you to send different alerts within your facility based on the situation. The message is communicated over multiple methods such as fire alarm systems, computer desktop software, cell phones, mobile apps, email, emergency alert signs, wide array speakers, VoIP phones, and cable TV.

CCTV-Video Surveillance

Video systems are very common these days, but this technology evolves at a rapid pace. If your CCTV/Video system is over 3 years old, you could be missing an opportunity to utilize this technology more effectively. Video resolution, recording time, and off-site viewing are a few of the features that have significantly improved in the last few years.



Intrusion (security) systems create a secured perimeter for your facility. In the event of a breach, an off-site monitoring station will notify the authorities as well as your custom contact list.

Access Control

Access Control systems are electronic keys which secure and control traffic flow within your facility, recording who has entered secured areas by time and date. A1 can integrate your access system to work in harmony with your CCTV and Intrusion systems. In addition, access control systems can be used for a variety of purposes including assigning operational access for machinery to select individuals, restricting access to areas or machinery by day, and tracking machinery use by time which can be integrated with your billing system. A1 can help you design your access control system to suite your operational needs.


Intercom systems allow remote, two-way communication. New technology has enhanced this system by adding video to the existing audio connection, providing better security.

Nurse Call

Nurse Call systems serve as a communication hub for the nurse station, providing critical information, patient calls, and emergency alerts when care is required most.


At A1, the safety and security of our customers are a top priority. Our central station alarm monitoring services provide prompt and reliable notification to authorized first responders in the event of an emergency.

Exceptional Service and Responsiveness
Our UL Listed and CSAA Five Diamond central station facility is staffed with extensively trained personnel. Our professionals are certified to receive and respond to any alarm condition, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We will even customize our response based upon your unique needs.
Commitment to Excellence
You can have confidence in A1, knowing we are committed to having the most qualified, extensively trained personnel, and the most advanced technologies available to serve you.


Need a life safety solution now but are confronted with little to no budget? Leasing can help you acquire the equipment sooner by spreading acquisition costs over time with low periodic payments. Purchasing a system outright requires an immediate reduction of cash.

Leasing is available from A1 for all Electronic Systems. A1 makes it easy to secure your financing with minimal paperwork and fast approval times. Let us customize a lease solution for your business today and we will guide you every step of the way.