OSHA Compliance Program

A1 is your trusted source for Workplace Safety Training and is dedicated to increasing our partners’ safety awareness, reducing risk, and contributing to their best practices. We provide safety training in Ohio, Indiana, & Kentucky. Although we are based in the Ohio area, A1 has the ability to conduct training sessions in other states to meet your corporate needs. For more information about OSHA Compliance, Safety Programs, Safety Management, or to schedule a training,

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A1’s team can provide a comprehensive safety and health management program. Our experts evaluate your present program using a Safety Performance Audit, provide detailed recommendations for improvement, and work with you on each area to ensure effective implementation. We can help develop a complete safety program including the following:


A1’s team has the capabilities to administer a complete safety management program or work within an established program to provide assistance where needed. We can provide qualified safety and health professionals who will work directly with your management team to ensure your program is being administered effectively. Monthly contact will grow your safety program over time and at a reasonable cost. A quality safety program will help ensure your employees arrive home safely every night while also allowing you to meet the ever increasing safety requirements of your customers. This service can be especially important for small to mid-size companies who cannot afford a full-time safety or health professional.


Emergency Plan development is a first step in a larger safety program. A1 can work with your management and safety committee to develop your emergency plan. It is required by OSHA and is a prerequisite for fire extinguisher training as well as basic communication for your employees to prepare for an emergency.


A1’s team provides an on-site walk through and assessment of your facility utilizing a 19-point checklist to evaluate and simulate an OSHA audit. Afterward, a section-by-section detailed review and report providing recommendations for compliance will be provided. Some topics covered are:


A1’s team is a leader in the areas of safety training and seminars. Our professionals are OSHA certified in the Construction 500 program and the General Industry 501 program. We can teach the OSHA 10 hour and 30 hour programs in both construction and general industry. We have also developed a comprehensive course for managers and supervisors. This course teaches the principles of safety as they relate to operating a successful business. It covers the major duties and responsibilities that supervisors need to understand to be effective.


In addition, A1’s team can teach all of the specialty OSHA programs such as:

Confined space entry

Respirator use, care & fit testing

Machine guarding

Lockout/ tagout

Forklift training & certification

Fall protection

Personal protective equipment

Fire extinguishers & emergency evacuations

Crane & hoists

Trenching & excavation


Electrical safety