Meet the Team

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Meet the A1 Team

A1 Sprinkler & Systems Integration Team

Our team of the top systems experts in the area is dedicated to delivering you outstanding service. We work day and night to provide you with convenient, affordable, reliable and efficient solutions for all of your safety needs.

Key Personnel

  • Bill Hausmann Bill Hausmann President
  • Shawn Kelly Shawn Kelly Director of Operations
  • Martha Hausmann Martha Hausmann Office Manager
  • Kim Fain-Shaffer Kim Fain-Shaffer Controller
  • Ron Holl Ron Holl Sprinkler Contract Manager
  • Brian Cavender Brian Cavender Chief Sprinkler Designer
  • Mike Glardon Mike Glardon Purchasing
  • Will Buccholz Will Buchholz Suppression Service Supervisor
  • Christy Johnson Christy Johnson Systems Supervisor
  • Mike Rossman Mike Rossman Sprinkler Service Supervisor
  • Melodie Yarrow Jason Crawford Electronics Service Supervisor
  • Greg Lane Greg Lane Service Sales Manager
  • Nick Duke Nick Duke Inspection Supervisor